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Rinjani Trekking Guide

Most of the porter and trekking guides all them from Senaru Village because they have always been to Rinjani Mountain for religious purposes (mediates, sacrifice, etc) they have great experience of the area and are professional. more people are using guides and porters from Senaru or Sembalun village to go on trekking. Protection of the […]

What Shoul To Know?


The Rinjani trek is a challenging mountain walk and you must be prepared with good equipment and warm and windproof clothing. Rinjani can attract severe storms, lightning, and strong winds. When the weather is settled, the sun is intense and the nights frosty. Parts of the trail are steep and slippery. Beware of bad weather […]

Trek To Bring

Recommended you to carry during the Mt. Rinjani trek program, all Items to be packed in a small backpack no more than 10 kg : Quick Dry Synthetic Material : Shirt (short or long sleeve) as the base layer, a good quality fleece jacket/woolen pullover as the middle layer, and a thick windproof jacket as […]



These guidelines help minimize the impact of your visit on the natural environment and also on other visitors. Help to keep the park unspoiled for future visitors. Remove rubbish : Litters is unattractive, harmful to wildlife, and can increase. Plan your trip to minimize rubbish by not taking bottles and cans. Rinjani has a “pack […]

Where You Sleep?

Trekking Mount Rinjani Lombok usually done 2 days or more, of course you’ll need a comfortable bed before or within trekking days. We have set up and organize all you need to sleep before climbing or within the trekking days, ranging from accommodation in Senaru or Sembalun village or on request and also equipment for […]

Might To See On Rinjani

Over 20 villages surround Mt. Rinjani and there are many routes up the mountain, but the main access is from Senaru in the north and Sembalun Lawang to the east. Gunung Rinjani national park lies within the major transition zone (Wallace) where the flora and fauna of south East Asia makes a dramatic transition into […]

How To Get Mt Rinjani

There are flights from Bali, Jakarta, and Surabaya (some linking to Kuala Lumpur) and from Singapore to Lombok and from these and Bandung, Kupang and Ende to Bima. Garuda, Merpati, Air Asia , Malaysia Airlines and Lion Air all have regular flights to Lombok from Jakarta, Denpasar, Surabaya and Kuala Lumpur. Silk Air has regular […]

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