What’s the weather like?

The weather on the island of Lombok is very different from the others, especially in the mountain area of Rinjani, where our location is in the village of Senaru {office and hotel in where you will stay}. In the Senaru area, the temperature ranges between 28 degrees – 32 degrees Celsius during the day and 22-24 degrees at night. While the temperature on the mountain is colder even closer to the freezing point at night, so you need a thick and warm jacket, and a windproof jacket while climbing the summit of Mount Rinjani (3.726 m).

The island of Lombok includes tropical areas that have two seasons: rainy and dry seasons, Rinjani volcano will usually be available for climbing from April 1st to December 31st, while January, February, and March are rainy seasons which are not allowed to climb because it can endanger everyone’s safety. In April, May, October, and December sometimes it rains and fogs but not too often, while June to early November is dry where there is no rain or fog.

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