FAQ (Frequently Ask Question)

Can I Book My Own Accommudation?
Of course you can, but the price change is not too significant, since we already have price contract with the accommodation in Senaru village which will be cheaper if we’re the one ordering.

What if we stay in Senggigi?
The day before climbing, you can book your own hotel in Senggigi and we’ll pick you up at 5 am from Senggigi to Senaru village for the climb.

Can I pay In Our Curency?
Of course you can! The price will be paid based on the exchange rate at the time you book, we use the USD as the reference price. But we recommend you to pay in IDR when you pay us at the day of the arrival (pay-off) because it will be easier to obtain without you have to bring it from your country.

Do The Guide Speaking English?
yes. all our guides speak English

How Long Drive To Senaru?
Airport – senaru 3 hours
Kute lombok- senaru 3,5-4 hours
Selong belanak – Senaru 4-4,5 hours
Senggigi – Senaru 1,5-2 hours
Bangsal port – senaru 1- 2 hours
Lembar Port– Senaru 3-4 ours

Can I Book On My Own?

How Big Will The Group Be?
This trip will be run with a minimum of 1 people and a maximum of 25. There will be 1 guide for a max of 5 hikers and 1 trekking porter for each hiker.

Is The Trip Eco-Friendly?
We are very Eco-conscious Gide and porters pack everything , clean up and will bring trash down from mountain.

What’s Different Between Dulaxe & Standar?
deluxe Services : including superrior room and bonus dinner in arival day. standard services : standard room
Deluxe service will including Hot Shower,Ac, Wi-Fi Facilities in the hotel for overnight before trek but standard service you will get standard room without hot shower. Here the hotel options as below: Deluxe Plus service hotel for:
Pondok Senaru( Superior Room)
pondok Senaru Luxury rom +$10/room
Rinjani Light House
Pondok Indah(Superior Room)
Anak rinjani Guest house(Superior Room)
Sinar rinjani(Superior Room)‬
sinar Rinjani (luxury room ) + $ 10/ Room
Pondok Guru Bakti (Superior Room)
Standard Plus Service Hotel For:
Pondok Indah
Achita Bayan Home Stay
Gunung baru Homestay
Sinar Rinjani(Standard Room)
Rinjani Trails homestay

We Are Beginners What Will Be Suggest?
We suggest you choose 4 days or 2 days crater rim senaru, but if you have good level fitness you can do 2 day summit and 3 days summit.

Why Choose Us?
>We are local agent that directly manage your trip,
>We provide detailed information about this package, categorize the prices based on number of participants and forms of services, we also provide FAQ that can provide information based on our prior customer experience. All of the information we provide is based on our experience over the years managing the climbing in Mount Rinjani.
>We earn an average of 7-10% of the price we are paying and are transparent about pricing and no hidden cost. Price is not based on negotiation, therefore it is clear that the services, food and facilities are priority.
>If the trip is not matched with the original plan of 4 days or 3 days in peak starting from Sembalun and will end in Senaru village, but you cannot finish the program and return to Sembalun route, it will usually be charged with additional cost because of the transport from Sembalun village to Senaru village. But we won’t ask you additional charge because we will take it from our profit as a form of Company’s commitment of ‘no additional cost’.
>We are a legal and experienced company, work in team and with a familial concept.

How To Find Us In Airport?
Our driver will bring a sign of our company logo ( welcome to Lombok RINJANI FUN ADVENTURE ) or by bringing your name plates.

Can We Rent Equipment At Your Place?
The equipments in the lease in our place are shoes and jackets. However we prefer for you to bring your own shoes because of the size that sometimes does not fit your feet which can hurt the legs when walking, and other than that the supply is also limited. Hats and gloves better buy yourself, {you can buy in our place]. While the climbing sticks and headlights we will provide for you free of charge.

How To Pay?
We make several payment procedures that can be selected based on the condition of prospective customers, because we prioritize comfort for all parties

>Your Booking will be secured once we have received 10% – 20 % Deposit
>Pay a deposit of 10-20% we will make the invoice via email and the rest will be paid on the day of your arrival by cash in USD or IDR (daily exchange rates). It aims to secure your journey to fit the plan and give you trust.
>Especially for groups whose members above 7 people, you must pay a deposit of 25%.
>The Deposit not Returned

How We Can Get To Lombok?
For your arrival to Lombok you can use airplanes, fast boats and ferries. For arrival from Bali to Lombok and vice versa, we suggest you use fast boats because if you use an airplane you must be on time at the airport and of course it is very risky, in addition to the distance from Senaru village and the airport will also affect your time on the climb because it must be on time. We have a solution for you to use the fast boats where we can arrange for you without you having to book long before, so you will not be afraid to lose the ticket.


To go to Lombok when you come from Bali island, we recommend you to use the fast boat to Lombok with departure schedule at 9:00 am from Bali and will be arrived around 11:00 am in Bangsal port or Kodek Bay, and you will arrive in Senaru village around 12:30 or 13:00, so you will receive bonus we offered. Additionally, you will save time compared to using a ferry which can take 4-5 hours the from Lembar to Senaru can take 3-4 hours, or flight from Bali to Lombok which you will arrive around 11:25, while from the airport to Senaru will take about 3-4 hours.

To climb the Rinjani mountain, we recommend you to arrive the day before because all departure for Rinjani mountain climbing is started in the morning. Additionally, you are fresher and not in a hurry to prepare any equipment you forgot, and if you climb in the morning from the Sembalun village, it will not felt too hot in the vast meadow.

What is the Weather Like?
What’s the weather like? The weather on the island of Lombok is very different from the others, especially the mountain area of Rinjani, where our location is in the village of Senaru {office and hotel in where you will stay}. In the Senaru area the temperature ranges between 28 degrees – 32 degrees Celsius during the day and 22-24 degrees at night. While the temperature on the mountain is colder even closer to the freezing point at night, so you need a thick and warm jacket, and a windproof jacket while climbing the summit of Mount Rinjani (3.726 m). The island of Lombok includes tropical areas that have two seasons: rainy and dry season, Rinjani volcano will usually be available for climbing from April 1st to December 31st, while in January, February and March are rainy season which are not allowed to climb because it can endanger everyone’s safety. In April, May, October and December sometimes it rains and fogs but not too often, while June to early November is dry where there is no rain or fog

For Vegetarians, Can Their Food Be Accommodated?
For meals, we will adjust based on special request,

What’s Food & Drink Like?
>Appetizers : Fried bananas, pop corn, spring rolls
>Food : Nasi Campur special, Chicken Curry, Chicken Soup, Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng, Burgers, sandwic, omelet, spaghetti, Scramble eggs, and other,,
>Fruits: Apple , orange, pineapple ,banana, mango, watermelon and other.
>Drinks : 3 big botle Mineral water/ day/person
>Soft Drinks ; Fanta, Sprite, coca-cola, pulpy orange, Pocari sweat after Trek summit and Bintang ( request ex)
>Hot Drinks: coffee, tea , lemon tea, ginger tea, luak coffee.

What Ia An Extra Charger?
As long as in accordance with the agreement and exposure that have been attached in the price FAQ section, we state no additional expenses, except for your own special request.

What ia the Difference Between The Senaru Route & The Sembalun Route?
The Senaru route is a climbing route starting at 600m and going through tropical rain forest, which is certainly not hot, but it will do a 2000m high rise. This route is usually used for Senaru crater hot spring and lake program without climbing the summit. While the Sembalun route is an irregular route that starts at an altitude of 1.100m through a vast meadow and nice scenery along the way, and if you want to get to the summit, this road is the choice because on the second day you can climb the summit of Rinjani mountain, but this route is a little hot because it has to cross the meadow.

How Will Be Hiking Like?
Hiking in the mountain Rinjani will start from the village of Sembalun with an altitude of 1110m or from the village of Senaru 600 m above sea level. The Sembalun route with large and long grasslands, with relatively hot temperatures because it is under blistering sun (30-40 degrees Celsius). So you will need a sun block and a headgear, you will also go through steep, slippery, sandy, rocky and tropical jungle and some even have slopes up to 50 degrees, which makes your journey more challenging. Not only that, climb from Sembalun crater to summit other than cold, the path is also sandy with an extreme slope that makes two steps up one step down, in certain seasons sometimes the wind is also strong that makes the temperature closer to the freezing point. But along the way you will be spoiled with incredible scenery and the sound of birds singing, monkeys that seemed to wait in some places down from the summits and lakes.

What Tips Are Suggested?
A good fitness is needed to complete this climbing program, a beginner with above average fitness is usually able to climb up to the edge of the crater (camp area), but in addition to excellent stamina to get to the top in need also the spirit and a strong desire, as the 1000m rise from the Sembalun crater is so challenging, steep, and loose, the past climbing experience is very important.